Magic Sex Incantations-

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It's just Latin, so I can't lay any claim to it.

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Enlarge your penis so it grows long and enters you from behind-
 prolato  longus  prae pre  invado  tergo
 enlarge  long    in front  enter   from behind

Enlarge your penis-

 prolato  longus  prae pre
 enlarge  long    in front

Magic masturbation -

 manus manus  delectatio  prae pre
 hand         pleasure    in front

 manus manus  delectatio  tergo
 hand         pleasure    from behind

Magic oral sex -

 os     delectatio  prae pre
 mouth  pleasure    in front

 os     delectatio  tergo
 mouth  pleasure    from behind

 gallo  os     delectatio
 cock   mouth  pleasure
 (the very realistic sensation that you are giving someone a blowjob)

 gallo  invado  os     delectatio
 cock   enter   mouth  pleasure (a variation)
Instant magic erection-

 creo  durus  prae pre
 make  hard   in front

 crudesco      prae pre
 become hard   in front

 gallo  crudesco
 cock   become hard

 lentesco        prae pre
 to become soft  in front

 gallo  lentesco
 cock   to become soft

 statim = instant
Magic sex-


 delectatio  invado    prae pre
 pleasure    enter     in front

 delectatio  penetro    prae pre
 pleasure    penitrate  in front

 delectatio  invado    tergo
 pleasure    enter     from behind

 delectatio  penetro    tergo
 pleasure    penitrate  from behind
Magic orgasm -

 extremus  delectatio
 extreme   pleasure

 extremus  corpus corporis  delectatio
 extreme   body             pleasure

 extremus  gallo  delectatio
 extreme   cock   pleasure
Renew Sexual energy-

 renovo  delectatio  navitas
 renew   pleasure    energy
Lubricate Spell- (latin)

 Slick     Potion   of Oil
 lubricus  venenum  olearius
Additional handy words-

 cock = gallo

 original = exemplar (used to return thing to their original state)

 before (in time) = antequam (used to return things to their previous state)

 return = reverto

 to return = revertor, reverti, reversus

 to return to = repeto

 all =  omnis, cunctus, quislibet,

 every = omnis, sulum

 charms = deliciae
(terminus omnis deliciae = stop all charms)

 curse = vomica, pestis pestis
Ending charms and curses-

 terminus omnis deliciae = stop all charms

 stop = desino  (also- confuto, consisto, desino desiit, consto,                                   subsisto)

 end = terminus (also- extremitas, finis, peractio, exitus)

 quit = defungo
Enlargement charms-

 to enlarge =  prolato, amplio, profero,

 enlarge = augeo, relaxo

 fat = pinguis

 long = longus, prolix
Various actions-

 stroke = ictus, plaga

 to rub = tero trivi tritum

 instant = statim

 fast = ieiunium

 slow = bardus, tardus, piger pigra pigrum

 slow down = retardo

 a little slow = lentulus

 slowly = lente (also- delicate)

 to grow = cresco

 grow smaller = decresco

 fast = ieiunium, celox

 faster = ocius

 fasten = necto, pango

 reduce = arto, macero

 to be reduced to = redeo

 original = exemplar

 before (in time) = antequam

 soft = madidus, tener tenera tenerum, mollis, mansuetus

 to become soft = lentesco

 to soften = macero, mollio

 push/thrust/to_press/urge_on =  trudo trudere trusi trusum

 wand = virga

 door = ostium, ianua

 a door = foris

 bolt = telum, ictus, claustrum (trying to find a word for lock or latch,
        but can't find one. For locking charm, could use 'door bolt

 gate = porta

 secure = defigo, securus, tutis

 cautious /[things] secure = cautus

 unbreakable = infragilis

 break = quasso, adflicto, affligo

 break open = effringo

 break in = infreno, domito

 wand = virga

 hard = durus, difficilis, edurus

 become hard = crudesco

 man = vir (the man = quem)(human being, man = homo hominis)

 woman = mulier

 girl = puella

 boy = puer

Makes your body radiate light that gets brighter as you approach orgasm.
In Latin:
 accendo     delectatio  navitas
 illuminate  pleasure    energy

In Sanskrit: (Asian)
 Samcakas    Anandi    Sattvarazi
 illuminate  pleasure  energy

 Samcakas   - to light up
 Anandi     - Happiness, enjoyment, pleasure
 Sattvarazi - quintessence of energy and courage

 Similar works in Latin:
 English: illuminate  Latin: accendo
 English: light       Latin: lumen, luminarium, levis
 English: bright      Latin: lucidus, candidus, nitidus, perspicuus

Sanskrit: (Asian)

How to shrink a penis that is too large.
 Svasthikr          Mendhra   Pramanastha
 to reduce oneself  penis     of normal size

How to return the penis to normal.
 Abhyupanivrt  Mendhra  Prakrtistha
 to return     penis    being in the original state

Various Asian/Sanskrit Words:
I have characters who know Asian Magic so they need Asian words
for their charms.
 Prakrtistha - being in the original or natural state, genuine,
               unaltered, unimpaired , normal

 Pramanastha - of normal size; being in a normal state or

 Samibhava   - the becoming in a normal state

 Zagkura     - applied to the penis

 Mendhra     - the penis; a ram

 Unikr       - to reduce or lessen by subtraction

 Svasthikr   - to make one's self, make well, reduce to one's
               natural condition

 Abhyupanivrt - to return , be repeated

SILENCE: for Privacy Charms
 Example: Silentium Conclave or Silentium Zotheca - to create a privacy shield/chamber
          surounding you.

 silence    silentium [silence , stillness, quiet; repose;

 reticeo   [to keep silence , say nothing]; transit. [to keep silent

 taciturnitas [silence , taciturnity].

 confuto    [to check , repress]; by speech, [to put down, silence].

 contego -tegere -texi -tectum  [to cover , shield].

 tego tegere texi tectum  [to cover; to bury; to conceal; to shield,

 tectus -a -um,  [covered, concealed; close, reserved, cautious, wary].

 dissaepio -saepire -saepsi -saeptum  [to hedge off , separate, divide]

 dissaeptum -i,  [barrier, partition].

 obex -icis      [bolt, bar, barrier, barricade].

 obmolior -iri dep.   [to build against] (as barrier or defence).

 saepio saepire saepsi saeptum   [to hedge in, enclose, surround,
 aeptum -i,  [barrier, wall, enclosure]

 zotheca    [a private room].
 conclave   [a room , chamber].
 coartatio  [a confining in a small space].

Unbreakable Door Lock Charm
 door bolt unbreakable = ostium telum infragilis

 barricade door unbreakable = obex ostium infragilis

LOVE: related to creating Love Charms & Potions
 adamo     [to fall in love with , find pleasure in].

 amator -oris m. [a lover , friend, admirer]; esp.[the lover of a

 amplexor -ari dep. [to embrace; to welcome , love].

 depereo -perire -perii [to perish or be ruined utterly; to be
                        desperately in love].

 dominus -i m. [master of a house , lord, master]. Transf.,
               [husband or lover; a master, owner, possessor; employer;
               ruler, lord, controller].

 'furere aliqua', [to be madly in love with]

 furo -ere [to rage , rave, be mad]

 philtrum -i n. [a love potion , philtre].

 redamo -are [to love in return].

 venenum -i n. [a drug; poison (fig. ruin , destruction); a love-
                potion;  coloring matter, dye, rouge]

 cupitor -oris m. [one who desires].

 percupio -cupere [to desire exceedingly].

 adduco -ducere -duxi -ductum (1) [to bring or lead to] a person ,
         place, or condition; of persons, [to bring to a certain state
         of mind, to influence, induce]. (2) [to draw to oneself, pull in]

 adigo -igere -egi -actum [to drive , force, compel]

 coactu abl. sing. m. [by force , under compulsion].

 compello (1) -pellere -puli -pulsum [to drive together , collect;
              to force, compel].

 deturbo -are [to force away , dash down]; milit., [to dislodge];
              legal, [to eject, dispossess].

 ereptio -onis f. [taking by force , seizure].

 extorqueo -torquere -torsi -tortum [to twist out , wrest away,
           wrench out, dislocate]. Transf., [to obtain by force,

 inculco -are [to trample in , press in, force upon, impress

 introrumpo -rumpere -rupi -ruptum [to break in , enter by force].

 trudo trudere trusi trusum [to push , thrust; to press, urge on,

 vigor -oris m. [force , energy].

 adflictatio -onis f. [pain , torture].

 condolesco -dolescere -dolui [to suffer severely , feel much

 cogitatio -onis f. [thinking , conception, reflection,reasoning];
           sometimes a particular [thought, idea or intention].

 cor cordis n. [the heart]; often as seat of emotions or thought

 libidinosus -a -um [wilful , arbitrary, capricious; passionate,
 libido (lubido) -inis f. [violent desire , longing]

 salax  -acis [lustful , lecherous].

 Propertius -i m.  sex.
 secus (1) n. indecl. ,  [sex].
 sexus -us m.  [sex, gender].

 florifer -fera -ferum [flower-bearing].

 flosculus -i m. [a little flower]

 aedifico -are [to build , erect, establish; to create, frame].

 exaspero -are [to make rough, to irritate].

 exulcero -are [to make worse, aggravate; to irritate, embitter].

 Ectoplasm/phasma -atis n. [a ghost , specter].

 ingravo -are [to weigh down; to aggravate].

 igniculus -i m. [a little fire , flame, spark].